Feb 29, 2016

Ms Mommarazzi Monday: Oscars Edition

The Oscar's! Regardless of the Blacklist, they happened, and although I sympathize with the cause, I still watched them, and after seeing Chrissy Teigen's glorious bump (among other fabulous dressed women), I am happy I did! 

The truth is, I have missed most live TV and Red Carpet events for the past two years, hence the lack of coverage! It's hard to be passionate about something you have zero experience with! But besides having bottles and sippy cups thrown at me by an-almost-toddler, I finally get to rejoin the world of red carpet fashion appreciate and confusion!

In the meantime while I continue to collect some of Oscar nights best dressed from Getty Images, check out more of Chrissy's beautiful Marchesa gown over at Ms. Mommarazzi, my "mommy blog!"
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