Apr 13, 2015

Where Have You Been?!

I have been a little MIA. To say the least. At first I was lacking inspiration and motivation, the truth is, I was working at a day job that was sucking the life out of me, clearly I should have left and had every intention to, but I got comfortable, a regular pay cheque will do that to you! Then lo and behold I was laid off, blessing in disguise, because quite frankly I may have still been at that same job, stressing myself out daily and gaining an extra pound a week thanks to the extra cortisol (stress hormone). 

Well this was perfect! I could now devote all my time to TMP! What great news! Only.... I didn't. Blame what you want, motivation, laziness, inspiration, depression, poor time-maintenance, poor priorities, the fact is, the updates were NIL. And then the unexpected happened... I procreated!
I now have a beautiful 6.5 month old baby boy, and I feel inspired, a little exhausted constantly, but inspired none-the-less!

Now I don't want to fall into the "mom-blogger" category simply because I am a new mom (although a mom-specific blog is coming!), TMP will continue to be exactly what it's always been: a platform to share some of my thoughts, and favourite topics, music, fitness, fashion, pop culture.... and inevitably some babycentricities. How could I really avoid a topic that consumes 99% of my day?!?

Lastly, to those still reading:

Thanks for sticking around!


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