Jul 15, 2014

Summerlicious 2014: 5 Days Left!

Summer is finally back (and so am I!), and along with summer comes some of our summer favourites: Toronto Islands weekends, Pride, Cube patio Sundays, ice cream trucks and Yogurty's visits and of course for all those foodies out there and foodie-wannabes there's the culinary celebration Summerlicious! Summerlicious gives us the chance to experience the culinary diversity our fine city has to offer at an awesome prix fixed "discount." 

For those who have yet to get out there and enjoy some of T dot's finest in cuisine, I am sorry to say that we are in our last week of Summerlicious! So call up your friends, ask out that hot date, or make it a solo mission and try something new. So far my favourite has been a deep fried Mars bar (don't judge me)! There are 150 restaurants to choose from, lunch menus range from $15-$25, and dinner menus priced from $25-$45, to narrow down the options check out Toronto.com's Summerlicious guide.

Photo credit: AGO.net
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