Feb 7, 2014

Olympics Opening Ceremony - The Games Have Always Been a Little Gay

With the Olympics Opening Ceremony taking place in Sochi, Russia tomorrow at 12:14 pm ET, everyone is on the edge of their seat to see how this year's winter Olympics actually pans out. With the un-winter-like weather, the lack of accommodations, Putin's anti-gay laws, it really seems like Sochi was the wrong place to pick. Oh and speaking of Putin's anti-LGBT Propaganda law, the Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion has come up with this advert for the curious sport of luge.

All I have to say is, Fuck Yeah Canada! I love my wonderful country!
The games have always been a little gay. Let's fight to keep them that way. Show your support for the equality of all athletes by changing your Facebook profile picture with us at http://bit.ly/keepthegamesgay. Follow on Twitter: @CIDI_ICDI  @rethinkcanada 

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