Feb 6, 2014

Appreciating the Existence of Bob Marley

I was discussing music and passionate musicians last night with a ridiculously good-looking man, and how I feel it's very much lacking from today's artists. Far too many are manufactured, or trained and molded and I find they lack passion behind their vocals, instrumentals, lyrics, the list goes on, that raw talent and raw passion that we used to hear and that I am in incredible need of. That while there are many performers who come out today that I enjoy, love even, I can not see many (or any!?) of them being considered classics, or legends, gaining fans 30 years after their last album or deaths. At the top of my list of artists that were mentioned during this 3am conversation of who have and will continue to accomplish this feat, was Bob Marley. Completely unaware that we were discussing a man on the anniversary of his birth, and merely appreciating all that he has done for music in Jamaica, the world, all that he has meant to us personally. Clearly we had good timing. 

The above is just one of the MANY incredible quotes from a man who spoke and performed from the heart, and we were lucky he's left many pieces of himself behind for our appreciation and inspiration. Happy Birthday Nesta Robert Marley, Thank you.

Ironically, today is also the birthday of Axl Rose, another person mentioned in that list. Clearly, today is a good day to be born. 

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