Jan 24, 2014

Team Canada's Olympic Bobsled Team & Their Saxx

The Team Canada 4-Man Olympic Bobsled team has been getting a lot of attention thanks to the half-naked photo Justin Kripps posted on Twitter as they were getting weighed in. And since I am a fan of Canadians, beards, fit men and most recently the boxer-brief brand Saxx, I had to give our boys the attention they deserve as well.

Well done Justin Kripps, Tim Randall, James McNaughton, and Bryan Barnett (who apparently needed some competition while it was no longer sprinting season), keep up the good work. I was planning planning on watching some bobsled action to support my friend and McMaster alum Jesse Lumsden, but now I will definitely make sure to watch you four and all your Saxx and bearded glory February 22nd and 23rd! Beardmode all the way boys! 

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