Jan 27, 2014

Grammy's Performance: Pink!

P!nk's stage performances are absolutely awe-inspiring, and plain old f*cking incredible! It makes this part-time poler and former gymnast miss her neglected acrobatics. It also makes me very regretful when my mother so proudly presented me with not one but two P!nk CD's as a gift, to which this ungrateful youth claimed not to be a real fan... clearly my mother could see the future. In fact it was only a couple years later that P!nk's Funhouse album became not only my breakup anthem-album, but also a fave that I could still replay beginning to end to this day, plus we share a name. Yes, Mother knows best, but don't tell her that. 

Below is yet another of P!nk's incredible performances... oh and less notable, Fun joins her. 

Can I point out how much I love her skirt and shoes! Such a simple change addition, but it's perfect.

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