Jan 15, 2014

Golden Globes: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

The ladies are back, and much like a "supermodels vagina to Leonardo DeCaprio" we welcomed them with open arms. The SnL alum did another excellent job hosting this year's first major red-carpet event, proving that women can hold their own and are ready to take over. Move over Neil Patrick Harris and Hugh Jackman, and bring on Ellen!

My first impression notes of Tina Fey's Carolina Herrera dress was simple and to the point, "Boooo." That's it, that's all I wrote. There really is not a thing about this look that I am appreciating. Amy Poehler's custom Stella McCartney dress is interesting, but also does her little favours. Her boobs are looking a little lopsided, which happens, but that's no reason to emphasize the mismatch. 

Then the two funny ladies stepped out on stage, and I could not have been happier! Tina Fey's second Carolina Herrera choice was so incredibly flattering on her, the cut, the colour, the hair was much better this time, although still a little lackluster. Amy Poehler's dark teal halter dress was both minimalist and interesting, much like her first choice. Amy didn't stay in this dress for long as she changed into a Ted Baker suit to play Tina Fey's adult son "Randy," as "he" went around searching for his biological father. While I wouldn't pick Idris Elba to be my father, I'd love for him to practice fathering my children... Harvey Weinstein was a good choice.  

The ladies closed off the awards with the same designer of choice throughout the show, Tina in Carolina Herrera and Amy in Stella McCartney. Both of which I dislike. Amy's dress reminds me of that simple black and white column dress that Julia Roberts wore, that "critics" gushed over, even though it was incredibly boring. On second glance, Tina's raspberry-Marilyn Monroe-inspired gown started to grow on me, but I continue to be disappointed with the simplicity and dullness of Amy's final choice. 

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