Jan 17, 2014

Golden Globes: Love it or Leave it

While watching the 71st Golden Globes awards there were a few women who graced the screen and inspired some sort of internal conflict in me. Whether I was confused on what they had chosen to put on their bodies and why, or if I felt myself flip flopping and could not decide how I felt about in general (I'm fickle on occasion), the following had me making all kinds of grimaces and facial scrunches.

When I first spotted Amy Adams in Valentino Couture, I thought the colours were great on her, but really didn't consider it anything special. Then the more I looked at her in it, the more I started to envy her decolletage, and shoulders and started to appreciate that her dress was reminiscent of the era of her film America Hustle. The dress also came with a cape, a la Lupita Nyong'o, but I prefer it without. 

Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke aka Daenarys came out in a textured, Proenza Schouler dress with a sweetheart neckline and peplum-esque waist. But her dress was not the problem... It's her hair! I really can not get used to her with brown hair.. you know her natural hair colour. Clearly I have difficulty separating the actress from the character she plays. Also, her makeup looked so heavy and overdone on the screen, although it looks fine in the photo, it was very distracting. 

When I first saw Emma Watson walk on stage I thought she was wearing palazzo or gaucho pants, and then I noticed she was wearing black trousers under it?! 

Then we saw the back of Christian Dior Couture "dress," and not only is it backless, it's completely open. It's basically a robe, worn backwards.  

Speaking of Dior, spokesmodel Jennifer Lawrence, showed up in a white taffeta, double-belted garbage bag, drapes? I really could not like anything about this look, and yet I wanted to, just because I have really come to like the Hunger Games actress (much like the rest of North America), and even appreciated her sarcasm when she told Ryan Seacrest what "huge shocker" it would be to everyone that she was wearing Dior. I'd love to see what she starts to choose once she's no longer on Dior's payroll, because this is just horrible. 

Can someone take Julia Roberts aside and tell her, if it's that much of an issue for you, just get a dress with sleeves. I'm sure Dolce & Gabbana make them, I swear. And if they don't speak to Emma Thompson, she found something fabulous. 

Mila Kunis, presented with Channing Tatum in a half grey gown half silver Gucci Première halter dress, which was both interesting and boring all at the same time. It's like halfway through the manufacturing process the seamstress got tired or bored and decided that she'd had enough with sewing sequins. 

Another dress I want to like, was Taylor Schilling custom Thakoon dress. The colour is fabulous and the Orange is the New Black star looks incredibly happy to be in it, but lace applique detailing reminds me too much of lingerie.

Taylor Swift is not in something sparkly! Quelle surprise! I absolutely love the retro glam look of her uber-feminine Carolina Herrera strapless gown.

Until you saw the back. Another example of dressmaker getting tired or bored of her task at hand and just decided to take all the left over fabric, rumple it up and slip it under this black sash. Perfect, no will notice a thing!

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