Jan 31, 2014

Shakira - Can't Remember to Forget You ft. Rihanna

Shakira's voice is often hit or miss for me, I either find it intriguing or incredibly annoying. This song is no exception, in fact I go through both throughout the entire track, and I've also discovered after listening to this, I feel similarly about Rihanna. Lots of nasal congestion occurring on this track, Who knew?!

But the girls look hot, HOT, as they vamp it up for the camera, singing and grinding (and twerking) over their bad-boy love in this Joseph Kahn-directed video. 

I hate to compare two completely different women, but somehow that's not stopping me.. Who's your favourite? Shakira definitely has the better dance moves, but Rihanna still has that bad girl appeal.

Jan 27, 2014

Grammy's Performance: Pink!

P!nk's stage performances are absolutely awe-inspiring, and plain old f*cking incredible! It makes this part-time poler and former gymnast miss her neglected acrobatics. It also makes me very regretful when my mother so proudly presented me with not one but two P!nk CD's as a gift, to which this ungrateful youth claimed not to be a real fan... clearly my mother could see the future. In fact it was only a couple years later that P!nk's Funhouse album became not only my breakup anthem-album, but also a fave that I could still replay beginning to end to this day, plus we share a name. Yes, Mother knows best, but don't tell her that. 

Below is yet another of P!nk's incredible performances... oh and less notable, Fun joins her. 

Can I point out how much I love her skirt and shoes! Such a simple change addition, but it's perfect.

Jan 24, 2014

Team Canada's Olympic Bobsled Team & Their Saxx

The Team Canada 4-Man Olympic Bobsled team has been getting a lot of attention thanks to the half-naked photo Justin Kripps posted on Twitter as they were getting weighed in. And since I am a fan of Canadians, beards, fit men and most recently the boxer-brief brand Saxx, I had to give our boys the attention they deserve as well.

Well done Justin Kripps, Tim Randall, James McNaughton, and Bryan Barnett (who apparently needed some competition while it was no longer sprinting season), keep up the good work. I was planning planning on watching some bobsled action to support my friend and McMaster alum Jesse Lumsden, but now I will definitely make sure to watch you four and all your Saxx and bearded glory February 22nd and 23rd! Beardmode all the way boys! 

Jan 17, 2014

Golden Globes: Love it or Leave it

While watching the 71st Golden Globes awards there were a few women who graced the screen and inspired some sort of internal conflict in me. Whether I was confused on what they had chosen to put on their bodies and why, or if I felt myself flip flopping and could not decide how I felt about in general (I'm fickle on occasion), the following had me making all kinds of grimaces and facial scrunches.

When I first spotted Amy Adams in Valentino Couture, I thought the colours were great on her, but really didn't consider it anything special. Then the more I looked at her in it, the more I started to envy her decolletage, and shoulders and started to appreciate that her dress was reminiscent of the era of her film America Hustle. The dress also came with a cape, a la Lupita Nyong'o, but I prefer it without. 

Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke aka Daenarys came out in a textured, Proenza Schouler dress with a sweetheart neckline and peplum-esque waist. But her dress was not the problem... It's her hair! I really can not get used to her with brown hair.. you know her natural hair colour. Clearly I have difficulty separating the actress from the character she plays. Also, her makeup looked so heavy and overdone on the screen, although it looks fine in the photo, it was very distracting. 

When I first saw Emma Watson walk on stage I thought she was wearing palazzo or gaucho pants, and then I noticed she was wearing black trousers under it?! 

Then we saw the back of Christian Dior Couture "dress," and not only is it backless, it's completely open. It's basically a robe, worn backwards.  

Speaking of Dior, spokesmodel Jennifer Lawrence, showed up in a white taffeta, double-belted garbage bag, drapes? I really could not like anything about this look, and yet I wanted to, just because I have really come to like the Hunger Games actress (much like the rest of North America), and even appreciated her sarcasm when she told Ryan Seacrest what "huge shocker" it would be to everyone that she was wearing Dior. I'd love to see what she starts to choose once she's no longer on Dior's payroll, because this is just horrible. 

Can someone take Julia Roberts aside and tell her, if it's that much of an issue for you, just get a dress with sleeves. I'm sure Dolce & Gabbana make them, I swear. And if they don't speak to Emma Thompson, she found something fabulous. 

Mila Kunis, presented with Channing Tatum in a half grey gown half silver Gucci Première halter dress, which was both interesting and boring all at the same time. It's like halfway through the manufacturing process the seamstress got tired or bored and decided that she'd had enough with sewing sequins. 

Another dress I want to like, was Taylor Schilling custom Thakoon dress. The colour is fabulous and the Orange is the New Black star looks incredibly happy to be in it, but lace applique detailing reminds me too much of lingerie.

Taylor Swift is not in something sparkly! Quelle surprise! I absolutely love the retro glam look of her uber-feminine Carolina Herrera strapless gown.

Until you saw the back. Another example of dressmaker getting tired or bored of her task at hand and just decided to take all the left over fabric, rumple it up and slip it under this black sash. Perfect, no will notice a thing!

Jan 16, 2014

Golden Globes Fashion Favourites Part 2

The other day I showed-off some of my favourite looks from this year's Golden Globes Awards, but that list was only half way complete, so let's carry on.

Kate Beckinsale was one of the last people to walk onto the red carpet 7 minutes before the show was set to being, due to zipper failure and having to be sewn into her Zuhair Murad gown in her limo. This silhouette is perfectly Kate, and normally I'd complain that she should mix things up, that the same old is yawn inducing, but let's be honest she looks perfect in it. 

I'm certain I'm not the only one who wished she was sitting at Emma Thompson's table. She came onstage, Louboutin's in one hand, martini in another as my heart rolled down my sleeve for her! Not only did she seem happy to be there and fun as hell but she looked great! The gold top of her dress complimented her golden hair, and she glowed. I hope I'm that cool when I grow up. 

When Naomi Watts walked on-stage in her metallic, halter-neck Tom Ford dress, I loved the metal on metal contrast, side-boob and sheer panels at her obliques. Unfortunately I did not come across a photo that did the look the justice it deserves. 

Speaking of metallic and side-boob, Robin Wright inspired a little envy in me when she originally stood up to accept her award. Besides appearing incredibly thin, I was starting to hate on the 47 year old woman who was able to wear a backless dress (I just need the frontal support, dammit), that was until I caught a side-view of the boob-tape supporting her ladies under her gold  Reem Acra, and I felt a slight sigh of relief. Not that I could get away with merely wearing tape, but at least she needed some assistance, regardless of how minor to give her a slight lift. Yea that's right, I envy small-breasted woman, just goes to prove it is not greener on the other side. 

Our Canadian Tatiana Maslany may have lost to Robin Wright for Best Actress in a Television series for her work in Orphan Black (also Canadian), but she definitely won on the red-carpet channeling old school glam in this Jenny Packham beaded gown. I wish she got more air time so the rest of the world could marvel at how effortlessly she pulled this off. 

There's something about the simplicity of Reese Witherspoon teal Calvin Klein dress that I really appreciated. It may have appeared too casual to some, but among all the glitterati it was a refreshing change. She was well styled with a sleek bob and Harry Winston jewelry.

Jan 15, 2014

Golden Globes: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

The ladies are back, and much like a "supermodels vagina to Leonardo DeCaprio" we welcomed them with open arms. The SnL alum did another excellent job hosting this year's first major red-carpet event, proving that women can hold their own and are ready to take over. Move over Neil Patrick Harris and Hugh Jackman, and bring on Ellen!

My first impression notes of Tina Fey's Carolina Herrera dress was simple and to the point, "Boooo." That's it, that's all I wrote. There really is not a thing about this look that I am appreciating. Amy Poehler's custom Stella McCartney dress is interesting, but also does her little favours. Her boobs are looking a little lopsided, which happens, but that's no reason to emphasize the mismatch. 

Then the two funny ladies stepped out on stage, and I could not have been happier! Tina Fey's second Carolina Herrera choice was so incredibly flattering on her, the cut, the colour, the hair was much better this time, although still a little lackluster. Amy Poehler's dark teal halter dress was both minimalist and interesting, much like her first choice. Amy didn't stay in this dress for long as she changed into a Ted Baker suit to play Tina Fey's adult son "Randy," as "he" went around searching for his biological father. While I wouldn't pick Idris Elba to be my father, I'd love for him to practice fathering my children... Harvey Weinstein was a good choice.  

The ladies closed off the awards with the same designer of choice throughout the show, Tina in Carolina Herrera and Amy in Stella McCartney. Both of which I dislike. Amy's dress reminds me of that simple black and white column dress that Julia Roberts wore, that "critics" gushed over, even though it was incredibly boring. On second glance, Tina's raspberry-Marilyn Monroe-inspired gown started to grow on me, but I continue to be disappointed with the simplicity and dullness of Amy's final choice. 

Jan 14, 2014

71st Annual Golden Globes Awards

The new year is moving forward with or without you, the gyms are packed with hopeful "fatties" and awards season has officially begun. Starting with the 71st Golden Globes which took place this past Sunday January 12th at The Beverly Hilton, in.. you guessed it, Beverly Hills. While watching the awards, something I swear I have missed for most of 2013, I experience a lot of "love it" moments, mixed with some "that's nice" and confusion and a few "wtf?!?!" moments. The following are some of my red-carpet or stage standouts. 

When I first spotted Margot Robbie, I actually thought she was Jonah Hill's eye-candy. Clearly the Jamie Pressly-look-alike is making a name for herself after staring alongside Jonah and Leo in The Wolf of Wall Street, and by sporting this gorgeous low-cut, cream Gucci gown with embroidered emeralds and crystals. While the slit is definitely teetering on "Gyno-levels," it's done right and the pop of green at her feet in those Louboutin's is splendid and helps bring the eye to her feet instead of lady-bits.

One of my absolute favourites did not have any air time, but that won't stop me from gushing! Masters of Sex star Lizzy Caplan looked incredible in this art-deco-inspired Pucci column dress. The mix of textures, the detailing, the cut. Just perfect!

Another standout is 12 Years a Slave's Lupita Nyong'o, who not only just graduated from Yale but also "How to Kick ass on a Major Red Carpet," which let's be honest about which one actually impresses the masses... Her caped Ralph Lauren column dress was simple yet made a statement with its bold colour that looked absolutely incredible against her flawless skin. She was such a standout for me, it was hard to take my eyes off her to see who else was seated at her table.

Olivia Wilde was adorably pregnant in a shimmering emerald Gucci dress, which I loved despite her looking like a giant serpent who has just devoured its helpless and bulbous prey. 

Cate Blanchett attended the awards as superbly as usual, in this beautiful lace confection from Armani Privé.

Did I mention it was backless? And it appears that there is not a mesh panel keeping Cate in there, unlike her infamous Galliano at the 1999 Oscars.

There was something about Elisabeth Moss' J. Mendel dress that just caught my attention. It was intricately detailed, original, pretty and just super cool. 

Jan 13, 2014

Golden Globes: The Ladies of Girls

It seems only fitting to start with the ladies of HBO's hit series Girls, considering their season Premiere coincided with last night's airing of The 71st Annual Golden Globes.

Creator, executive-producer, director and writer of HBO`s Girls, Lena Dunham wore a canary yellow gown by Zac Posen. Apparently the designer told her to pose in the shape of an "S" on the red-carpet in this dress... which explains how incredibly awkward she looks. While I like the colour and the lipstick she paired with it, the dress is not for her.. I'm not sure it's right for anyone. 

Allison Williams on the other hand took an appreciated risk in Alexander McQueen. I find this dress, pretty yet casually edgy and a perfect option for a young rising actress, instead of opting for an expected intricate ballgown, or safe satin column.

I am so close to loving Zosia Mamet's black and white, floral-accented Reem Acra gown, if only she opted to wear a bra, and some lipstick. I'd be wearing a similar sardonic expression, if I was in a losing battle with gravity after someone had cut off all my hair. It should be noted, however, this may be the best the Girls actress has ever looked at an event or on a red-carpet, so she's heading in the right direction. 

I think Jemima Kirke looks very pretty here, and has some incredibly covetable hair. Although the colour and pattern of her dress reminds me of mushy cereal, it is somehow flattering and suits her. As does her date. He wouldn't be my choice, but he seems like the kind of non-conformist her character Jemma would date. I have a feeling that Jemima's character is very similar to the one she plays on TV (you know, minus the stint in rehab, although being in Hollywood, I'm sure that's around the corner)... come to think of it, I believe that of all the girls of Girls. It'll be interesting to see them in future projects... 

Jan 11, 2014

It's Drake Night at ACC, Raptors vs Nets

Today marks the day of "Drake Night" at the ACC, to celebrate the collab of October's Very Own and the Toronto Raptors. During tonight's game vs the Brooklyn Nets (which the Raptors were up 5 at the half) all ticket holders will receive a limited edition OVO x RAPTORS black and gold, long sleeved tee upon entry of the Air Canada Centre. And of course Drake came out during the half to speak to the crowd and perform "Worst Behaviour," unfortunately this girl did not manage to get her hands on a ticket, so let's hope someone's put a tee aside for me!


Jan 7, 2014

James Adomian in NAUGHTYHAM: An Improvised Robin Hood Tale!!

It's Friday night and it's Ladies Night, Oh What a Night!!! This Friday my ladies and I are going to check out James Adomian and Others at Comedy Bar for NAUGHTYHAM: An Improvised Robin Hood Tale.

Stand up Comic James Adomian was a finalist of the 2012 Last Comic Standing and he recently debut his first stand up comedy album Low Hangin Fruit. He's making his way back to Toronto and will be at the Comedy Bar all weekend. On Friday he'll be portraying The Sheriff of Naughtyham, which he describes as his "Favourite Gay Villian".

Joining him on stage will be some awesome local talents, Roger Bainbridge, Jan Caruana (just coming off her Second City Main Stage stint!), David Dineen-Porter, Nigel Downer, Alastair Forbes, Ken Hall, Liz Johnston, Mike-Nug-Nahrgang and replacing Rob Norman will be Sean Tabares!

The show is being directed by Darryl Pring and I have to say I sadly missed his Doctor Whom but I was going to make sure that I didn't miss this one! Show starts at 10:30pm and tickets are $15.00.  Hopefully you can still get your hands on some, check out Comedy Bars page

I've never had the opportunity to see James live but I think myself and everyone else is in for a treat! Let's see if this night will be all about taking from the rich and giving to the poor!! 

Jan 6, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy 2014! 

If you're like most of the people I know, you had grand desires for New Year's Eve, but didn't actually plan anything, then stressed about it until the last minute when you decided to go to a club, bar, house party, dinner, and got overly intoxicated, thus barely remember your midnight kiss... with that stranger you hope was cute (hopefully someone took pics and shows you first)... or your unexpectant best friend. You probably made grandiose resolutions to improve yourself or your life that you've probably already started to slip up on. Or hey, maybe I'm being jaded, and you had a your celebration pre-planned, or you received an offer you couldn't refuse and ended up making out with the man of your dreams at midnight.  However your night went down I hope you had an incredible time and continue to carry that air of positivity throughout the year. I myself am skipping resolutions this year, instead I am having a revolution. According to Wikipedia "a revolutionary is someone who supports abrupt, rapid, and drastic change," so since I sung it loud and clear I guess I have some abrupt, drastic changes to look forward to this year. If and when I get them, please don't tell me I brought this on myself. Thanks.

You say you want a revolution/ Well, you know/ We all want to change the world/ You tell me that it's evolution/ But when you talk about destruction/ Don't you know that you can count me out/ Don't you know it's gonna be all right/ All right, all right
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