Nov 26, 2013

OutKast Reunion Confirmed for Coachella 2014

After a 6 year hiatus the hip hop super duo (yes, I am a fan) OutKast are reuniting on stage at Coachella in 2014! Coachella's April 11th kick off date is still 5 months away, but the OutKast stans' excitement is already evident with numerous Twitter and Facebook updates all week; clearly they've been missed. It's not as if the duo has been completely MIA since the release of Idlewild in 2006; Both Big Boi and 3 Stacks have been busy with many side projects including Andre 3K's contribution on the Great Gatsby Soundtrack (which I am currently playing), and is set to star as Jimi Hendrix in the legends biopic, while Big Boi released critically-acclaimed Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors in December 2012 featuring 3 collabs with shoegazer-duo Phantogram (who currently have a track on the Hunger Games: Catching Fire Soundtrack). But forget all that (impossible)! They are back, together! Stankonia lives on! So it looks like it's finally time for me to give in and head to the trendiest music festival this side of the Atlantic, but for those of you who aren't able to make the trip to Indio, California, their appearance at Coachella is just the start of their reunion, 2014 tour dates will follow.

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