Nov 21, 2013

Need For Speed (Trailer) - Kid CuDi & Aaron Paul

After his cameo in Brooklyn 99, and his drug-dealing role on How to Make it In America, Scott Mescudi aka KiD CuDi has made it to the big screen, and this lustful fan couldn't be more excited. CuDi appears alongside Aaron Paul fresh off his Breaking Bad series finale, as a member of Paul's street racing team in Need for Speed. If you're thinking about Paul Walker alongside Ludacris in Fast and Furious, I admit the parallels are there, only this time Aaron Paul actually is not a cop pretending to be a criminal and is instead framed for a crime he didn't commit, once "out of prison [he is] determined to settle the score with the man responsible for his false conviction." Considering the talent I'm optimistic that this flick will surpass its predecessor.

Anyone else see the irony in how Breaking Bad ended with Jesse Pinkman speeding off to freedom in the sunset, then drives right into a new alias and more legal problems.. Or is that just me? Need For Speed is due to hit theaters March 14th, 2014. Fast cars, Bitches!

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