Oct 9, 2013

Rihanna - Pour it Up (video & audition)

I know I'm a little late on this, but I just got Rihanna's new video today, and with lyrics like "Strippers going up and down that pole" you'd expect some form of booty-popping... I just didn't expect it to be done by Rihanna. As pole-enthusiast I appreciate that the "strippers" used were actual pole-dancers and competitors with real skill and talent in the sport in lieu of just a regular half-naked girl twerking around the brass, I found Rihanna's dance moves oddly disappointing. They weren't risque, which is normally expected of Ri-Ri and instead just raunchy. Am I alone in this or am I just getting old? 

On a dope note, check out the audition tapes for one of the videos pole superstars,

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