Feb 4, 2013

Reducing Carbon Footprints w Fashion

While reading the current issue of MacLean's I came across a really cool new line  of accessories from Wind Bag Company located out of Lunenburg Nova Scotia.

With their tag line "From Blew to Green", I can't help but already have fallen in love with these mother earth friendly bags. 

The amazing green idea came about in 2006, when a storm tore off a large plastic tent that was covering Pauline Dickison's boat and from that destroyed tent, she and a few friends sewed bags together to give as Christmas gifts.

Wanting to continue to make these great gifts and quickly running out of that tent material, Pauline decided to start to use sails. The old sails are procured from sailors and repair shops and in return these sailors receive one of the following, messenger bags, duffel bags, shave kits, wallets or even a yoga-mat bag from that sail.

From this point she has never looked back. So far Pauline estimates that she has saved more than 225,000 kg of sail cloth from landfills. Which in it self is awesome.

I'll be sure to check out Pauline's site , since I recently missed my chance to get my hands on one of these creations when Pauline made a visit to this years Toronto's One of a Kind show. Hopefully  I'll be sporting one of her bags this spring.

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