Feb 21, 2013

Archie's Girls collection at M.A.C.

At a M.A.C. counter near you is their latest collection Archie's Girls. Being one half of  Betty and Veronica I am really excited about these new products.

There are two very distinct lines, one for the Betty in all of us and another one for all the Veronica's. The lines range from gorgeous eye shadow pallets with names like Caramel Sundae or Spoiled Rich, (I'll let you guess which one is Betty's and which one is Veronica's), to luscious lipsticks named Girl Next Door, Daddy's Little Girl and even Boyfriend Stealer.

The collection was launched Nation Wide on February 7, 2013. Once my raven haired ladylove Veronica makes her way back from St Lucia (gorgeous tan and all), we best be making our way to the nearest M.A.C counter and I'll be coming home with at least a lipstick, guaranteed!

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