Feb 12, 2013

55th Grammy's: The Carrie Diaries

It's rare that I would dedicate an entire post to one person, but as if she was hosting Carrie Underwood deserves the attention.

When I first saw Carrie Underwood's custom Theia Couture ballgown, I was shocked that her legs weren't visible, being the fan of formal shorts that she is, and disappointed at how boring her bridal wear was.... And then she performed;

Carrie's blank canvas gown turned into a projection screen, as she lit up the stage and ensured that all eyes would be on her. She started the performance much like the dawn of the earth, replicating the big bang;

My favourite screen of them all was this blue-ombre on white pattern that I originally believed to be the blooms of the beginning of time, but now that I focus on it, it's much more abstract, but no less beautiful.

My least favourite is what the above blue smoke turned into what resembles my family home's old wallpaper border. 

And then everything went black and red butterflies covered the world... although with the colour choices, they're making me think of locusts and this is actually C.Wood warning us all of our impending doom.

Perhaps what we'd see on our ascent to heaven, or perhaps this entire performance has merely been Carrie's attempt at finding new tile patterns for her home?

Looks like she settled on a balanced mix of love and death. 

Which explains her black Roberto Cavalli award acceptance gown, she's either mourning our passing or the "death" of her tiles former. 

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