Jan 15, 2013

Getting Hitched, or At least dreaming about it....

So I have sorta come to realize that I may be the last one out of my sisters to get married.  I was recently joking around with a friend, talking about getting married and it had me thinking about what dress I wanted to wear.

Now I am a couple seasons behind, being as the dresses I am looking at are from Vera Wangs Fall 2012 collection.  However the collection inspired me to be different.  

Accepting my fate of being the last, I thought why not be outrageous and different and wear black on my wedding day.  Now really this idea isn't new, I have a copy of a MacLeans article on Vera's collection on the fridge from February 2012.  The moment I read it, I decided I must post this somewhere and look at it all the time. Be Inspired!

I have narrowed down my decision to this dress, the Josephine! Just a gorgeous creation.  I love the plunging neck line.  Perfect combo of nude and black.  Lots of tulle.  A girls dream!

So now that I have the dress, maybe I need to start thinking venue, Steam Whistle or Casa Loma?


  1. FYI..the dress you love is the Josephine not Joelle (that the one from top / middle of article pictures.


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