Jan 28, 2013

Chris Brown vs. Frank Ocean: RnB Turf War

Twitter was going a muck last night over the music world's latest feud, this time between RnB artists Chris Brown and Frank Ocean. If you're anything like me, you may have initially thought this was referring to a joint track or even a music battle, but you'd be wrong. These two actually got into a physical alterccation, and fans, media, personalities and the like were having a hay day with the information; not because it's such a great story, or it's even all that shocking, but instead because it's incredibly lame. First of all everyone knows Chris Brown only fights women, second I thought gay/bi men were supposed to be gentle pacifists who only throw a bitch slap or two? I kid, I kid, but seriously they fought over a Westlake, LA recording studio, and a parking spot?! According to TMZ Brown reached out to shake Frank's hand, but was met by the fists of one of Frank's friends instead, then Brown's crew came to his defense, blah blah blah. As it turns out Frank Ocean is very protective of his turf and where he parks his car.

No arrest were made, but the police report that there is an ongoing investigation. Good job Chris at avoiding confrontation since you fell out of society's good graces, stop fighting beloved musicians. Who's next?

Photo cred: ThisIsRnB.com

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