Jan 31, 2013

Golden Globes Favourites

The SAG awards just aired, and I'm only now getting to the Golden Globes!? There were simply too many dresses and disasters for one girl to take it all in! Let's start with the favourites, compiled from all the Red Carpets of the GG pre-parties, and after-parties along with the main event.

When I first saw our hosting duo, I was a little disappointed and even confused as to why they were not in the beautiful gold sparklers they donned in the show's promo ads. I thought Tina Fey looked quite nice in her L'Wren Scott dress, but besides Amy Poehler rocking what ended up being one of the night's trends (deep-v's), her ensemble was rather lack-luster. Then I saw her Stella McCartney pantsuit in its entirety, I didn't realize she had on cigarette pants, and those heels!! And now, I love it.  

Also I love them. I mean how could you not?! They were hilarious, looked good, and made excellent reference to both the Golden Globes as a show and the prep it takes us to be there, (Hunger Games: to fit into the dress. Life of Pi(e) after the show's completion.) Well played ladies.

I'm not sure if Ashley Tisdale actually attended the awards or just the parties, but she looks absolutely incredible in her pale blush Issa gown.

I find Claire Danes is one of those girls that you respect, but don't really like, she's got that awkward "I'm too intelligent/cool for this business/conversation/award/you" vibe, so it's not always easy for me to pay her a compliment. But this burnt orange Atelier Versace dress looks great on her, and she just had a baby. So kudos.

Emily Blunt's gold cut-out Michael Kors gown is a dress that looks good on very few body types (mine being one of them), but she is pulling it off with glee!

I didn't see Jennifer Westfeldt walk the red carpet, but I was immediately drawn to this photo of her in this violet iridescent Naeem Khan gown and her Hamm. 

Also in Naaem Khan is Nicole Richie in this beautiful pale blue, embroidered, long-sleeved gown. This photo really does not do the dress justice. It's simply radiant.

I'm certain I was among the many who were wondering, what the eff Jessica Alba was even doing at the Golden Globes, her life and career may be irrelevant but in her defense she was full on Hollywood glam in a peach Oscar de la Renta gown. In fact it almost makes me want to like her. Almost.

Odette Annable (formerly known as Odette Yustman) knows how to dress for an Awards show after-party. She killed it in this neon trimmed Rachel Roy asymmetrical gown, and accessorized perfectly. I could not imagine any other shoe with this dress, and I am now suddenly realizing that perhaps this was my inspiration for my "neon shoe" dress code rule I created for my sister's upcoming bachelorette party!?

There are two things I loved about Taylor Swift's Donna Karen Atelier taffeta gown; the first being the back view. The low-cut back and what appeared to be sheer panels, are incredibly sexy and flattering, although I could do without the mermaid tail.

The second being the plum colour. It's not often we see T-Swift in anything less than shiny, shimmering, silver sequins, and although I am a big fan of that look, this is a refreshing and welcomed change. Brava. 

Jan 29, 2013

Tegan and Sara - Heartthrob (new album)

These two stunning sisters have always made my Heart Throb.  Shortly after I moved here to Toronto, my old roommate, Jacqui and I happened upon the very talented Tegan and Sara.  We caught them on Much Music one night and needed to have the album This Business of Art stat!

Since the release of that album the girls have put out another 5, including the latest album Heartthrob, released today!

The title track is über catchy and seriously makes me want someone Closer...

If you want to hear more of these singing sirens you should make Heartthrob your starting point and don't stop there, give the other albums a try on iTunes  

Jan 28, 2013

Girls, All I Really Want is Girls!!!!!!!!

In the immortals words of Ad-Roc, Girls!!!!!! It was announced today by HBO that Girls is signed on for a third season. The pay-cable network has ordered 12 more episodes!!!!! The series has recently won a Golden Globe for best comedy, and Lena Dunham won best actress in a comedy. 

Girls is promoting the same type of Sunday nights as Sex and the City once did and I think Icona Pop's "I Love It," is becoming it's new Anthem!!!!!!!

Grab your girls, some drinks and catch the second seasons third episode this Sunday February 3rd on HBO.

Chris Brown vs. Frank Ocean: RnB Turf War

Twitter was going a muck last night over the music world's latest feud, this time between RnB artists Chris Brown and Frank Ocean. If you're anything like me, you may have initially thought this was referring to a joint track or even a music battle, but you'd be wrong. These two actually got into a physical alterccation, and fans, media, personalities and the like were having a hay day with the information; not because it's such a great story, or it's even all that shocking, but instead because it's incredibly lame. First of all everyone knows Chris Brown only fights women, second I thought gay/bi men were supposed to be gentle pacifists who only throw a bitch slap or two? I kid, I kid, but seriously they fought over a Westlake, LA recording studio, and a parking spot?! According to TMZ Brown reached out to shake Frank's hand, but was met by the fists of one of Frank's friends instead, then Brown's crew came to his defense, blah blah blah. As it turns out Frank Ocean is very protective of his turf and where he parks his car.

No arrest were made, but the police report that there is an ongoing investigation. Good job Chris at avoiding confrontation since you fell out of society's good graces, stop fighting beloved musicians. Who's next?

Photo cred: ThisIsRnB.com

Jan 27, 2013

Kendrick Lamar on SNL

Last night Kendrick Lamar got his debut on the SNL stage last night and performed his newly platinum-ranked "Swimming Pools (Drank)," and the Janet Jackson sampled "Poetic Justice." K. Dot was also featured in his first “SNL Digital Short” for the return of The Lonely Island with "YOLO" featuring the shows host Adam Levine. If you loved it or if you missed it the track is available on iTunes, and available for your viewing pleasure below.

"You oughta look out!"

Jan 24, 2013

Wedding Season

Between Heather's Vera Wang post, the conversation I can't help eavesdrop on happening right now at Starbucks, attending my girlfriends bridal shower and bachelorette last weekend, planning my sister's bachelorette party next weekend, and preparing to attend both ladies weddings in February (one of which I get to fly to a sunny locale for), it appears to be wedding season! I'm not sure if it's because so many people get engaged during the holiday season thanks to their warm fuzzy feelings, or that we're a society of people who not only love winter weddings, but also love the idea of celebrating their anniversary on a day that's already ingrained in memory (V-day), but it seems like matrimonial contracts are everywhere. Except for here. 

While I love my single girl life, and am not quite ready for those silver shackles, thanks to all the love and commitment in the air, and my recent viewing of How Men Think, I've come to the realization there's something missing in my life.... Someone to share it with. 

And here comes my declaration: things are about to change. As I said earlier this year, 2013 is all about being awesomer, so while I add to someones special day, I'm inspired to aspire to one of my own. But in the meantime, I get to enjoy the bottle service at the bachelorettes and the open bar at the weddings!

Jan 15, 2013

Getting Hitched, or At least dreaming about it....

So I have sorta come to realize that I may be the last one out of my sisters to get married.  I was recently joking around with a friend, talking about getting married and it had me thinking about what dress I wanted to wear.

Now I am a couple seasons behind, being as the dresses I am looking at are from Vera Wangs Fall 2012 collection.  However the collection inspired me to be different.  

Accepting my fate of being the last, I thought why not be outrageous and different and wear black on my wedding day.  Now really this idea isn't new, I have a copy of a MacLeans article on Vera's collection on the fridge from February 2012.  The moment I read it, I decided I must post this somewhere and look at it all the time. Be Inspired!

I have narrowed down my decision to this dress, the Josephine! Just a gorgeous creation.  I love the plunging neck line.  Perfect combo of nude and black.  Lots of tulle.  A girls dream!

So now that I have the dress, maybe I need to start thinking venue, Steam Whistle or Casa Loma?

Jan 14, 2013

Les Miserables on the race for Oscar

One of my favourite childhood memories is going to see Les Miserables.  Too Much Pretty and I at the tender age of 12 headed down to Hamilton Place with our whole school to take in this beautiful Masterpiece. The play spoke to me then and still does to this day. Left the theatre tonight with puffy eyes and wet cheeks.  I am forever touched.   

After watching last nights 70th annual Golden Globe ceremonies, I am not the only one that has been touched, so has the Hollywood Foreign Press.  Winning Best Pictures, Musical or Comedy, Best Supporting Actress (Anne Hathaway) and Best Actor Musical or Comedy (Hugh Jackman)

The film has received 7 nods from the Oscars.  Including Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actress.  

My prediction is that Anne Hathaway will runaway with this award.  Her performance is powerful and breathtaking.  "I Dreamed a Dream" left me with goosebumps and tears to my eyes. 

Now we are only in the first two weeks of January, but if you see one film this year, I recommend that you choose this one.  Maybe you will forever be touched as well, or least make you want to join the cast and be in the ensemble. 

Justin Timberlake - Suit & Tie ft. Jay-Z

After 3 full listens, JT's newest track "Suit & Tie" featuring Hova is finally growing on me. It's a good thing considering all the hype and buzz this track was receiving, and the teasers JT put his fans through releasing random lyrics on Twitter or I'd feel like I was out of the loop! After being released today at 12:01 am, "Suit & Tie" is already Number 1 on iTunes. I will say, however, that while the track has grown on me and I'm about to replay it for the 5th time since receiving it last night (shout out to Shake at 2Dopeboyz), it's no "SexyBack," that track just... hit, whereas this is dope but not exactly revolutionary.  

I will welcome JT's latest efforts since FutureSex/LoveSounds in July 2006, but I am hoping it will get better than this. 

It should be noted that I do love a man in a Suit and Tie (and vest!), so if anything perhaps this will help revamp some men's sense of fashion. 

(Track to come, as soon as I can figure out this widget!)

Jan 9, 2013

Beyoncé Covers GQ

After all the Twitter rants for the past two days, I'm surprised it's taken this long for Beyoncé's February GQ cover to leak. Jay-Z's wife has topped GQ's Sexiest Woman of the Year list, and the abs featured on her cover has people denying that she was ever pregnant! Looks like Bey's GQ is a success, thanks to thongs, underboob and a belly chain. It makes me crave the day TSOQ gets their leg chains back in stock, and perhaps guarantees I rock some sideboob this weekend. 

 But enough about me, GQ is releasing the rest of their photos of Blue Ivy's mom next Tuesday, January 15th.

Jan 2, 2013

New Year, New You?

It's a New Year, which means it's time to start fresh, start anew, time to get over the things that were haunting you all year and change the things that are within your control. I'm a firm believer that if you want to improve yourself, there is no reason to put it off and wait until the new year to begin, and yet there is something renewing and inspiring about starting a new year. You feel like anything can happen, the world is your oyster and people are still filled with holiday cheer and new year hopes. 

This year I am hoping to carry this positivity and inspiration with me throughout the year to ensure I stop procrastinating, and making excuses instead of doing what I want to do. 

So what's my New Year's resolution this year? Be awesomer. Yes, awesomer. It's a blanket statement that essentially means I am going to strive towards being the best me I can possibly be. And it all starts NOW!
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