Dec 7, 2012

Rihanna at the Victoria's Secret Runway Show

Tuesday night the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show aired for all the world to drool over see. As per usual the star-studded attendees got to witness tall, beautiful models with alien proportions bounce and strut down the runway to a pop-rock soundtrack. In between all the legs (yes there is a pun to be had, but I will not go there), and to ensure the energy level stays up, VS always offers a popular musical act, this year Rihanna was one of them. And she took her VS performance duties to the stage in a variety of lingerie inspired looks.

Rihanna's Pink Carpet look started off great with the retro waves, clean face and retro lip and teddy-inspired satin cropped top and then the look went south, south of her navel. Not only was her white pencil skirt an odd length, it looks like she pulled it out of a ball from her hamper, found the closest pair of shoes next to said hamper and walked out the door. 

It wasn't until Rihanna hit the stage that we were almost able to see what she was hiding under that tragic skirt; the pink lace is flattering on her and yet she still covered up her assets with a sweatshirt? Since when is Rihanna so modest?!?!

Finally! While she's still uncharacteristically covered up, she's wearing a decolletage-enhancing bustier, thigh high stockings and garter, and on top of all that she's showing off the crease where her thigh meets her lady parts. Throw in the lace gloves and pearl choker and you've got an uber sexed up costume, something the most sought-out dominatrix would be envious of. Speaking of... Madonna AND Elton John would be turning in their graves over this one... yes I realize neither of them are dead, but if they were.... Okay fine, I can only imagine the cat fight that would occur between the two regular-sparring partners over who would own those pearl glasses next and would rock the look best. The image created in my mind is magical and for that, I thank you Rihanna!

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  1. Been reading this site for awhile now, always has really good posts and topics please keep it up! loads of blogs are going under lately from lack of new posts etc


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