Dec 27, 2012

Favourite Christmas Tracks (video compilation)

Christmas may have come and gone but that doesn't mean I'm just quite ready to pack up the holiday tunes. The following is a collection of some of my favourite Christmas songs of a all time, and a few new appreciations I picked up this year.

First up, Justin Bieber's "Mistletoe." Yeah, I love the Biebs. It's happened, I've admitted it to myself.

No holiday season is complete without Mariah Carey singing how all she wants for Christmas is you... add the Biebs to the mix and she hits a whole new up and coming demographic. Way to stay Christmas relevant Mirage.

I never thought the Far East Movement would be in my favourite Holiday Playlist but with such a catchy chorus "Christmas in Downtown LA" featuring MNEK has made it.

I definitely do not want a diamond belly ring, but I do want to feel in La-la-la-love, and who doesn't love a man who's generous enough to buy you presents for 8 days straight? I know my girl Lisa loved her recent 5 days of Christmas... Jealousy is not appropriate for the holiday season, right?

One of my favourite Christmas songs of all time, was recorded by Catwoman herself, Ms Eartha Kitt in 1953. When I finally put out a Christmas Album of my own (that's how you know you've made it), this song will most definitely be on it.

Yes another Bieber track, this time he's accompanied by Busta Rhymes in their remake of the "Drummer Boy" after it being repeated at the beginning of every NBA game yesterday, it's pretty much ingrained itself in my subconscious.

Britney Spears' "My Only Wish this Year" is another song that just gets stuck in my head that I want to keep singing... about my bay-be-bay-be-bay-be.

No Holiday season is complete with getting a little hopeful and political thanks to the late John Lennon above and Bob Geldof's Band Aid below.

This is the original Band Aid from 1984, but there was also a Band Aid II in 1989, and a Band Aid 20 in 2004.
My favourite Christmas album of ALL TIME, belongs to Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton, picking just one is impossible "Winter Wonderland,""I Believe in Santa Claus," and the above "Christmas Without You" are all classics and stir up some of my fondest tape deck memories.


  1. Lovely picks. Most of them are my favorite.

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