Oct 18, 2012

R. Kelly's Trapped in the Closet Returns!

He marries teens, he pees on teens, he writes amazing slow jams, and occasional offensive sex jams, he produces feel good music, and used to be considered quite the sex symbol for a lot of ladies, R. Kelly has done a lot in his life and musical career, but did I forget to mention he also created a hip-hopera? I'm not referring to that horrible, Beyonce-starring BET piece of---- Carmen, no I'm referring Trapped in the Closet which he included on his album T-3: Reloaded. Do you remember when R. Kelly dropped the first 5 videos in 2005? I remember it fondly, it brings me back to my hiphop messageboard days, which I often miss, plus the videos were not only interesting but they were also hilarious to dissect and discuss. I also remember hearing that more were on their way, but I think by then I had lost interest, since I had NO idea there are a total of 22 chapters in the series!!! Well as luck may have it, we can all revisit that sordid tale of love, sex, betrayal and secrets with another chapter. That's right R. Kelly is breaking the fourth wall of the narrative and speaking directly to the viewer in Chapter 23 of the Trapped in the Closet series November 23rd on IFC. After a 5-year hiatus, IFC will be airing the original series in full for the two hours prior to the premiere, for those of us who need to catch up! It has been confirmed that it will run for at least 20 episodes! It gets better, R. Kelly states that he has a hundred episodes to come, that "it's forever." 

This is real life. And it's all happening! I can not wait. 

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