Sep 11, 2012

TIFF Sightings - Selena Gomez/Spring Breakers

The Toronto International Film Festival this week has got our already bustling city, overrun with celebrities, press, film fans and your everyday folk trying to catch a glimpse of someone "important."

Selena Gomez is no stranger to our fair city, besides dating our golden boy Justin Bieber, she's also hosted our very own MMVAs, and now she's taking over our streets promoting her upcoming Harmony Korine-directed flick, Spring Breakers.

Looking cool and chic in leather tights and a white cropped leather jacket,

Then testing the powers of gravity with this "wardrobe malfunction" waiting to happen,

And then looking like some weird yet beautiful sea urchin... No Selena is not the only cast member in this film,

Vanessa Hudgens is also in it...

with Selena Gomez, go ahead, try and tell them apart, I dare you! Remember when Vanessa was in that teen musical and dating Zack Efron and people couldn't get enough of her and she was invited to the most elite of parties? All I can suggest to the girl to get out of Selena's shadow is to marry one of the Wanted or One Direction guys.

I kid, I kid, Pretty Little Liars starlet Ashley Benson, and Harmony's wife and baby momma Rachel Korine, along with the hottest weirdo we know James Franco also star in this film about four girls who rob a restaurant to fund their spring break vacation to Florida. At first I thought this would be a cheesy teen movie, until I discovered that it was the creator of cult-classic Kids who penned and directed it; it has to be good! On a fashion note: I love Ashley Benson's gown! It is sublime! Especially in comparison to her previous dowdy press event choice...

What would Ali say?!

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