Sep 10, 2012

MTV Video Music Awards

I didn't actually watch any of the MTV VMA's Red Carpet pre or after shows, so I am certain there are a few gems that I'm missing, but what I've found so far has been mostly disappointing. Since when did these awards become so boring?!? It's music people! Liven up! Risk taking... look it up!

Things are pretty glib when even Nicky Minaj fails to shock and appal. I didn't even care to exert an eye roll. Yeah, you're wearing a lace body suit, sure it looks like it was designed by Spider Man, which I didn't know he had started a new line, but it's been done before. We appreciate that you took the time to do your hair, and still tried to style your ensemble by throwing a cops brim on your just all lacks inspiration. Like you chose pieces from previous Hallowe'en costumes and threw them on, hoping no one would notice you forgot the awards were today.

Speaking of Hallowe'en, which I could not be more excited is round the corner, so much so I've already started thinking about what I'm going to dress up as this year, but that doesn't mean I walk around town testing costumes out. Elvira? Bride of Frankenstein? Susan Powter? Who can choose just one, right Miley?!

It's pretty disheartening when it's the man you're presenting with that is wearing the more notable ensemble of the two of you, especially when you're actually a bit of a fashion icon. Granted, I'm not saying I like his look, but I have to keep scrolling back to the photo to even remember what it is Emma Watson put on. And it's cute, kind of; looks good on you, I guess. I'm sorry I keep focusing on the race track that appears to be travelling over that young man's groin. It's clear what he wanted the viewers to focus on...

Another fashionista that completely disappointed me, Zoe Saldana was supposed to be my fashion saving grace! It looks like a failed Project Runway challenge...Auf Wiedersehen.

Boring. Unflattering. Not the usual words that one would use to describe Rihanna, and yet here we are. The hair looks cute on her face, but I don't think i really like that either...

At least British Rihanna-look-a-like, aka Rita Ora wore feathered shoulder armour with her dress! Demi Lavato though, I do not even want to address, some people should not be blonde, those are usually the same people who shouldn't wear red lipstick with their blonde do... It's distracting and makes you look like another person.

Like Rebecca De Mournay here, bears a very close resemblance to young 20-something singer Taylor Swift.

Even Katy Perry bores me with her fashion choice! This is the same woman who has worn cookie-printed latex, a whip-cream canister bra and a Lite-Brite evening gown to events and she walks an MTV red carpet in this rather unflattering dress? Didn't you just split from Russel Brand 9 months ago? Shouldn't you still be sporting your "revenge" clothes? Where's the sex appeal? The cleavage? What about the cleavage Katy!?

You know it's a backwards, Wonderland-type world we're in, when Ke$ha is the only person receiving praise! The hair looks fierce and I have all kinds of respect for those quads!


  1. Every time I watch an awards show these days, I silently wonder, "OH what would Alisha thinks of these outfits!" I swear you are always so spot on ! So interesting to read, please never ever stop. xx

  2. Hahaha! That's amazing! I love that! Thank you for thinking of me.
    And thank you for reading and enjoying! You dont necessarily haaaave to agree with me, but let's face it, this bunch are about as exciting as a chicken salad. Yea it may taste good, but you can get it anywhere.

    I'm so using that in the future!

    Anyway thanks Julia!

  3. That's my girl Ke$ha!!!!!! I understand that doesn't redeem her in your eyes, but maybe it will push you a little onto the dark side.... Get Sleezy... lol

  4. I am so happy to read this. This is the kind of manual that needs to be given and not the random misinformation that's at the other blogs. Thanks for sharing


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