Sep 13, 2012

Good Music makes Good Times, Songza App for your iPhone or iPad

So I love to share and I was told about the most amazing free music app for your iPhone or iPad today.  Songza, is a great app made up of the coolest play lists, I have ever come across.

The App is easy to maneuver through and the streaming is nearly flawless.  You will be able to find a play list for anytime of day, no matter what you are up to. Whether it be having a shower, working out at the gym, sitting at your desk working hard or just chillin at home.

After being told about this App this morning, I immediately downloaded it and I haven't stopped using it since.  Seriously my mind is blown. Oh I forgot to mention that my colleagues 8 year old daughter is the one that came across this awesomeness, even more amazing right?!

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