Aug 28, 2012

TIFF's Broken Heart Syndrome

Since TIFF is approaching, I thought I would use my Toronto Tuesday to talk about a film that I think I may just check out during the event.

This Canadian short film is about a guy named  Russ (Jim Annan) who gets dumped while having sex with his girlfriend (Joanna Douglas), and shortly there after becomes diagnosed with a rare disease known as BHS (Broken Heart Syndrome).

While desperately trying to find a cure, Russ finds it difficult to convince anyone that anything is actually wrong.  

I myself had to look into this, as I too was skeptical but BHS does in fact exist.  

"Stress cardiomyopathy, also referred to as the “broken heart syndrome,” is a condition in which intense emotional or physical stress can cause rapid and severe heart muscle weakness. This condition can occur following a variety of emotional stressors such as grief (e.g. death of a loved one), fear, extreme anger, and surprise.  "

The film is playing at the TIFF Lightbox on September 10 at 6:45pm and September 11 at 12:15pm.

If you do end up going to see it, save me a seat, will ya? 

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