Aug 29, 2012

It's Official Superman and Wonder Woman hook up!

The other night I was having a discussion about whether I was more of a Lady or a Woman, came to the conclusion, that in fact I am a Woman (feeling it was a stronger more powerful portrayal of myself), and at the time we decided similar to Catwoman. Pretty awesome woman to be compared to.  But the following day, I realized No, I am more like Wonder Woman, and my decision may purely be on her outfit alone. 

And now I found out that Wonder Woman has hooked up with Superman in the next Justice League #12 comic.  This relationship has been a long time coming and it is suppose to last the duration of the next year in the DC Comics.

"There are a lot of interesting places we can go with Superman and Wonder Woman. Really tackling that head on and forming that relationship and seeing it play out is something people haven't thought about, but we're in an atmosphere now where we can try that." Geoff Johns

So now that I have decided that I am in fact more like Wonder Woman, maybe I'll be able to hook up with my Superman too!  Justice League #12 is on News Stands today. 

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