Aug 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Kobe!

Today the object of my undying respect, awe and affection turns 34. If I'm ever looking for an image of the power of self evolution, Kobe Bryant is it. The Black Mamba himself has managed to alter his game to fit his age and body (injuries included) and is playing possibly better than he ever has. The man has spent half his life playing ball (pro) and he's about to start his 17th season (and I can't wait!); the man has five rings, (and thanks to the addition of Nash and D12 I'm already planning my trip to LA to take part in the parade), he's been honoured with seven MVP awards and has been smashing records the past year.

The only downside to this day is that I know he's spending it with his ... wife, since as it turns out she didn't file the final divorce papers. Looks like I need to find "Kobe IV" and not the original... for now.

Cheers to your sixth ring Kobes and cheers to you, Happy birthday!

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