Aug 23, 2012

"Partying" with The Real L Word

I've chosen to take a little hiatus from my party girl life and I've found a new guilty pleasure for my Thursday Devils Night ~ Showtime's The Real L Word.

In its third season, they have decided to go Bi-Coastal from LA all the way to Brooklyn. The show is still full of the regular cast along with some new faces Kiyomi front women for Hunter Valentine, Somer keyboard player in Hunter Valentine, Lauren a jeweler and Amanda, Laurens BFF.

So far 6 episodes in and it's your typical Real L Word season, there have been many cat fights, quite a few tears and tons of makin out.

The only twist so far this season, is Romi revealing that she is bi-sexual. She started the season off with a boyfriend Jay. After realizing that Jay didn't want a relationship, she got back together with her ex Kelsey. Soberity is looking good on them.

Some other major news, Whitney has finally decided to commit to one women. She proposed to Sara and she said yes!!!!! My guess is the wedding may happen Season 4?

There are so many other story lines in this show and if you are interested, join me in watching the next episode tonight at 11pm eastern standard time on TMN ( the movie network).

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