Jul 24, 2012

Art Battle In Toronto

Tonight at 7:30PM inside The Great Hall (where Rich Kidd's release party will be happening next week), the Art Battle National Championship will be happening. Art fans get to experience a live battle of the brush while painters take to the canvas and do their best in 20 minutes!

For more information visit artbattleto.com, and pick up your tickets (students get a 50% discount) and get there asap; the audience gets the chance to vote on the best creation and has a chance to take a winning piece home in a silent auction.

The following painters have qualified by winning Art Battle events over the last year.

Jacqueline Poirier
David McKenzie
Keita Morimoto
Morgan Booth
Anna-Karoliina Koskinen
Olga Abeleva
Sarah Lewis Steele
Yang Cao
Ira Lipkin
Alyssa Priginiero
Tongson Chen
Carlos Delgado
Kate Taylor
Yared Nigussu


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