Apr 2, 2012

Yelawolf Live in TO & London Rescheduled

Well that didn't take too long, a mere month ago Yelawolf had to cancel his scheduled performance in both Toronto and Ottawa, well today Iluvlola has announced the new dates. Providing there aren't anymore unexpected injuries or illnesses you can expect to see Yelawolf live in Toronto May 26th and in London May 27th. Both shows are 19+ and tickets are available at either ticketmaster or the venues listed below if you already have a ticket from the previous dates, they will be honoured at the door. And if you're a love-struck fan hoping to meet the tatted emcee, keep your fingers crossed, there may be a Meet & Greet announced in the near future.

Tickets Available:
Toronto - Rotate This, Soundscapes & Play De Record

London - D-Tox Clothing, Grooves Records, Tequila Rose

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