Apr 25, 2012

Raptors vs [Brooklyn] Nets

This Thursday April 26th is a momentous day for basketball, not only is it the last game of the Lakers and the Raptors regular season before playoffs, it's also the last game the New Jersey Nets... ever! After 35 seasons in New Jersey the Nets will finally be moving to Barclay's Center in Brooklyn after it was announced in 2004 as part of a real estate deal; part-owner and Brooklyn native Jay-Z must be ecstatic his team is coming "home." I wonder if this will help establish as loyal a fan base for The Nets as the Knicks possess...

The Nets face off at the ACC this Thursday against the Raptors, and yes I will be there cheering on my home team hoping they end the season with a bang! (And then I'll be rushing home to watch the last Laker game in anticipation for Sacramento to get a beating!) I love this game.

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