Apr 3, 2012

New Childish Gambino - Eat Your Vegetables

Actor/comedian/lyricist Donald Glover has unleashed another hip hop alter-ego as D-Money with the track "Eat Your Vegetables." And I really wish he hadn't. How is it possible that someone can produce an entire album such as Camp, that manages to appeal to my senses on many levels can also create something, so... so... terrible? Now with that said, I had only discovered the track yesterday and the day before was April 1st, and it should be noted that Mr. Glover, aka Childish Gambino, aka D-Money is indeed a comedian and with lyrics like "I’m frugal with time/Every girl’s a dime/When your bank account’s mine" or "Man, I’m hidin’ all these bruises/In a shirt I got from Houston/Got her usin’ the acoustics/In my cruiser’s new Isuzu" or even "Man, I die for my hood / Trayvon" I'm really starting to think that this was D. Glover's April fools joke on us all. And if not, there's still time to blame it on a sick, practical joke.

Want in on the joke? Download the track below,

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