Apr 4, 2012

Jay Qwest - Offiseer (video)

To promote his forthcoming album, Whiskey & Gun Powder, Atlanta emcee Jay Qwest drops the J. Barnard-directed visuals for "Offiseer," featuring Boog Brown and Methuzulah (one of Youtube's Top 20 Indie Artists chosen by 50 Cent and Common-- Lil B would be proud his medium has flourished). The KRS-One inspired track was produced by Illastrate, who's worked with Naughty By Nature's Treach and J-Live. Jay Qwest ensures this isn't another track trying to bank of the recent Trayvon Martin tragedy, "It is an unfortunate coincidence how this song relates to the recent shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Florida, as well as so many other circumstances in this country concerning people of color and law enforcement. I think it's tragic that we can't always trust the police to protect us." Whiskey & Gun Powder will be released by Elevated Press, April 24th.

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