Feb 12, 2012


I've been experiencing a lot of live basketball lately, I'm presently counting down the hours until I get to see the Lakers live in the flesh play against the Raptors today at 1pm, on Friday I was privy to witness the Raptors beat the Celtics at the ACC, and on top of that I watched the Lakers beat the Celtics at TD Garden on Thursday night (in the comfort of my own home), so what better time to discuss the new Broadway production, Magic/Bird? The story is about the two basketball legends who started as rivals, dating all the way back to their college careers, when Magic's Michigan State team knocked Bird's Indiana State team out of the running for the 1979 NCAA championship, and finished off as Olympic teammates and ended up being longtime friends. When Magic was drafted to the LA Lakers and Bird to the Boston Celtics, the Lakers had yet to beat the Celtics in the NBA Finals, in their pro careers they met in the championship finals three times, ending in two Laker triumphs.

The show opens April 11 at the Longacre Theater in NYC, and I am thinking about purchasing a ticket for it now, who knows maybe I can be seated next to the two over-sized icons.

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