Feb 25, 2012

Jay Z & Kanye West - N!ggas in Paris (video) & NBA

The video for the track that gets almost every man I know wylin' out in the club, and the 7 time performed concert finale for the Jay-Z and Kanye West's Watch the Throne tour, "N!ggas in Paris" was released earlier this month, but since I woke up to it with my nephew and it was just used as the opener to the NBA All-Star Competition, it seems like a great time to share it.

This only serves as a reminder of how incredible this show was live! The video gives a hint of how hype the crowd was, but it really is something, you HAD TO BE THERE for, and if you weren't? Wise up next time either performer is in town!

As for the NBA All-Star Shooting Stars competition, the women are killing it! Love that!

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