Feb 26, 2012

Grammy Eccentrics

The major component that sets the Grammy's apart from the Oscar's is the freedom to take more liberties in expressing your creativity via fashion and the fashion-risk-takers at the Grammy's take full advantage of this opportunity to get their message, whatever that may be, across.

Taking the crazy cake this night was Nicki Minaj, who arrived not only in a red robe, by Versace, with their signature, Medusa's emblazoned across her legs, but also with some pious arm-candy. I am not exactly sure what her message is, unless she's merely trying to indicate that Madonna is back, and just like a prayer, she will take you there.

Speaking of arm candy, nothing says Grammy's like some good ole fashioned firearms paired with a bubblegum pink ballgown. Thank you Russia, for letting us borrow Sasha Gradiva.

Another statement that I'm not exactly clear on, but songwriter Bonnie McKee looks very pleased with her attempts at making it. The Katy Perry collaborator would almost have got my nod of fashion approval if only someone didn't dye Cousin It's hair yellow and glue it to her underarms.

Yeah I want to diss the mullet dress, but I keep being distracted by the monstrosities on Robyn's feet. Robyn sings about telling a guy to call his girlfriend and telling her that he's met someone new, but not to give her the details about all the things different between the two girls, well my advice to this guy is to tell her all about these shoes, that'll cheer her up for days.

A "Grammy Eccentrics" post wouldn't be complete without the queen of the "monsters" herself, Lady Gaga, who decided not to walk the red carpet this event, which you'd assume means the attention-whore wanted to go unnoticed, and yet she showed up wearing a crotch-flap with a cane?!

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