Jan 31, 2012

LEGO Goes into Orbit

Thanks to the imagination and creativity of two 17 year old Toronto high school students, a LEGO man has gone places most people only dream of, space. Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammad launched a helium filled weather balloon along with their LEGO man, outfitted with four Canon cameras to document his journey 80,000 feet into the stratosphere.

And just like that two grade 12 students have become overnight celebrities, the "right" way (take that Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, every person on Teen Mom!), having been asked to speak at an undergrad engineering competition, invited to tour of a university astrophysics lab, and have been reimbursed for their expenses (about $400), and offered brand new, cream of the creme cameras from Canon. Jealous! (I both want their vision and a new camera!)

Next project on the docket? Graduate from high school and get accepted into university, something tells me, they have nothing to worry about.

Photo Credit: Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammad

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