Jan 9, 2012

Jay Z & Beyonce - Blue Ivy Carter (New Single)

The moment the press and the music industry has been waiting for has finally come, Beyonce gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Blue Ivy Carter at the Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC on Saturday, January 7th. For the past 36 hours there have been jokes about who will get the license for BIC's first single and when that single will drop... Well the jokes on us, because that day has already come. Not even two days old and Blue Ivy Carter is featured on a new track with her dad, Jay-Z.

You can download the track Jay-Z expresses how it feels to be a new dad, and the trials and journey it took to get there, below, False alarms and false starts/all made better by the sound of your heart/all the pain of the last time/I prayed so hard it was the last time/Your mama said that you danced for her/did you wiggle your hands for her/...the most amazing feeling i feel/words can't describe what I'm feeling for real/baby I paint the sky Blue/my greatest creation is you..."

Amidst all the glory of this newborn bundle of gold, there are presently rumors and complaints regarding the security measures the super couple took to protect their privacy, blocking off access to the floor to other waiting parents, evacuating staff etc. It sounds excessive, yet at the same time, what lengths would you go to protect the most valuable thing you have in this world?

Congratulations to the new parents, I hope they continue to take such extreme measures to protect their daughter, the public has far too much access to celebrity children as it is.

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