Jan 19, 2012

Golden Globes: Take Two

Do I think Sofia Vergara is sexy? Hell yes! Do I think she's funny? Hilarious! Do I like her navy blue Vera Wang mermaid gown? Yes. Do I think it looks spectacular on her? Absolutely. Do I wish she'd try a different silhouetted, just once.... GOD YES! But alas, I feel this is a dream that will never become a reality, Sofia knows what looks great on her voluptuous figure and refuses to stray.

I often over look what the reporters and tabloid TV personalities wear, for two reasons: 1) the outfits are usually boring or lacklustre and 2) the person themselves bore me, thus I really don't care what it is they've decided to put on. Maria Menounos defies both of those in her canary yellow sequined Blumarine column dress, she is one of the rare non-talents who I see on the red carpet and take note of. Well done Maria, between your fashion sense and weight loss and career success you continue to be an inspiration.

Former American Idol contestant and present Smash star, Katherine McPhee looks pretty and disappointing all at the same time. Her nude tulle and chiffon, silver leaf embroidered Donna Karen custom gown is pretty, but also kind of boring, especially for a girl who's starring in an upcoming TV show called Smash, highlighting the life of a girl trying to breakout on Broadway. Where is the glitz? The Glamour? The intrigue? Because it's definitely not found here, it should also be noted, since I can't seem to hold it in, I loathe that hemline. She's 27, not 72, show some leg or don't! Just don't do it half-assed!

Angelina Jolie seemed to use her craft to inspire her choice of dress, since she was virtually a walking ad for In the Land of Blood and Honey, the film in which she makes her directorial debut, wearing a champagne one-shouldered Atelier Versace gown with a red folded detail and matching lips and clutch. I'm grateful she's made a change from last year's award show "uniform" and think she looks glamorous, but also a little washed out.

I've always had a great affection for Amanda Peet's face, but her fashion choice, not so much. This tiered, chantilly laced, one shoulder gown, looks like something you'd find on the 100$ bridal rack at Nordstrom's. The close up shot is not as bad as the full length, but then the cheerleader hair does not give any notice that it's wearer is actually at a high end red carpet event.

Photo credit: Wireimage

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