Jan 26, 2012

Golden Globes Fashion Part 3

There were a few carpet walkers (why does that sound either dirty or insulting?) who's carpet-ware (again... it just sounds wrong!?) I simply could not fully make up my mind about. On one angle, I'd love it, and yet another it was forcing my face to scrunch up while tilting my head to one side and wondering, Why?

Case and point (and speaking of dirty and insulting): Madonna in a dark green embroidered Reem Acra gown with cap sleeves and chain mail bodice. It was the top half I saw first and stated I loved it, in anyone can pull of chain mail at a red carpet event, it's Madonna, and I even overlooked the fingerless glove on her right hand, just chopping it up to Madonna being Madonna. And then I saw the weaving of the green satin, and the skirt and now I'm just unsure. She's Madonna, so she manages to still look hot, but she also looks confused. Her top half is so edgy, whilst the bottom is soo... Little Women.

Case and point number two (without the lecherous reputation), is Reese Witherspoon. My first view of her was in the background, behind another celebrity being interviewed and all I could notice was the massive gap between her dress and her breasts, and I could not imagine how that could look good, nor how it could feel good! I hate the feeling that my lady friends have the freedom to flee the fabric chosen to enclose them, unless in the company of my own camera in the privacy of my own bedroom... but I digress. From the front, however, Reese's form-fitting taffeta Zac Posen gown looked superb, even if there are a few wrinkles at the bust.

Another lady in red and someone I merely saw in the background, but fell in love with the view is Glee actress Dianna Agron in an incredible laser-cut Giles Deacon gown. And then I saw this photo, and the front of the dress and it's starting to put the incredible dorsal view to shame by being too intricate and excessive, with all those laser-cut swans gliding across her entire gown. At the same time, she took a risk and for that I can only be grateful, I just wish the hemline didn't look like it was attacked by a bear.

Another Glee risk taker was Lea Michele in an antique embroidered silver Marchesa illusion dress. The gown just oozes over her body, leaving little to the imagination without being overtly obscene... and yet the embroidered bodice paired with the updo looks too much like the actress would fit in better on a rink of ice in lieu of a red-carpet.

Speaking of Marchesa, the designer Georgina Chapman wore her own design, and while she looks beautiful (because it is physically impossible for her not to), and I love the vintage inspiration of the gown, and there is never a time I can think of that I do not enjoy flowy pleats and billowy 70s sleeves, and the embroidered shoulders add a necessary bit of intrigue on an otherwise possible boring dress... Wait, what was I going to say my problem with this was? Oh yes, she's Georgina Chapman, she's the designer, I know for a fact that this is not her best design! Maybe it's just me, but if I were to "sell" my work to the world, I'd wear the best I had. And if I looked like that, it may have been a tad sexier too.

Speaking of sexy, another attendee who I first caught in the background and from her profile/backside is Jessica Biel, in a sexy Elie Saab Haute Couture backless gown. I barely recognized the newly engaged actress with her newly darkened locks, which I love and covet!

And then I saw the front and found the dress so, so, so Mandy Moore's wedding in A Walk to Remember, far too pure and chaste for a girl that hot and a back that alluring. Also Jess, just because you've been proposed to, it doesn't mean you should start wearing all of your bridal castaways.

Charlize Theron looked like a beautiful Barbie doll in a pale pink Christian Dior Couture chiffon gown, with sexy but not overly revealing slit and draped hip detailing. All topped off with a... headband? Which, I get it's part of the look she's going for, which she seems to attempt that 20s flapper hair style often; but at the same time there is something about a woman in a headband that irks me. I'm not saying headbands should only be left to 16 year old girls and Blair Waldorf... and yet... Regardless of the hair, the dress is incredible on her and I envy the couple feet she has on my frame to be able to pull it off so effortlessly.

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