Nov 17, 2011

HBC Canadian Olympic Team Collection

After my boys Meka from 2DBZ and Lowkey from YouHeardThatNew... made their inaugural trip to Toronto for Manifesto, and had raided a Roots store after I introduced them to the Canadian fashion staple, my Canadian brand patriotism and appreciation has increased. Which is why I'm so excited for the release of the new Hudson’s Bay Company 2012 Canadian Olympic Team Collection, headed by Toronto native Adrian (TBG) as the design director for the entire collection, which was unveiled this past November 2nd.

The collection features iconic Canadian symbolism; the Maple Leaf can be spotted all throughout the collection, naturally along with colours consisting of Maple Leaf red, Northern white, along with traditional greys and black; it also features a lot of patchwork which Canadian travellers are known for sewing patches (usually consisting of our flag or Maple Leaf) over jackets and backpacks. Most notably this is found on the jean jacket (another Canadian staple, and part of the "Canadian Tuxedo"... sigh) which features many existing patches over the front panels and sleeves, but you know that some hardcore, explorers will personalize this piece with symbols of their own adventures.

Some of my favourite pieces are found below,

I can't put my finger on why, but I absolutely love this rather Adidas inspired knit jacket $80.00

Another piece I'm obsessed with, is this Letterman cardigan $59.99, I want it immediately! Paired with a simple white tee, and a pair of tights or skinny jeans, red chucks or black heels, two looks in one cardie, love it.

This knit sweater just looks so cozy and features high-quality lambswool and a beaver! Can't get more Canadian than that! $100.00

Or can you? This lumberjack inspired polyfill plaid flannel jacket, $125.00 makes me want to eat some peameal back covered in maple syrup.

And just in time for this bitterly cold winter that's regrettably fast approaching you can get your paws in a pair of Canada mittens, or wrap yourself in the toque scarf combo, which I need I fear I may need tomorrow morning!

The official Olympic wear is now on sale in all locations of The Bay, including Zellers, and online, at


  1. I may need that scarf and hat as well. A trip to the Hudson's Bay seems like a must this weekend!!!

  2. I got lucky getting the "beaver" knit sweater for only $41.99. :)

  3. Whaaat? That's awesome! I got lucky getting the Letterman Cardi on sale, but you got really lucky! Was this recent?

  4. Do you know of any where I can get my hands on the Letterman Cardi? I had one but brought it back as it was too big and i never found another one again!


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