Nov 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Alright alright, I'm a day late so Happy All Saints Day! Hope everyone had a safe and happy and fun Halloween, but most importantly I hope that everyone was in costume! I absolutely love Halloween and take advantage of any chance I get to play dress up. This year I was a Devil on the weekend and Little Red Riding Hood yesterday.

It's rare that I actually repeat a costume two nights in a row, as I said, any excuse to dress up and I'm taking full advantage by hoping into as many roles and outfits as I can, but this past Friday at Toronto's "superclub" the Guvernment's "Monster Mash" was a bit of a disappointment due to extenuating circumstances (which was unfortunate, since it really was a great party)and I thought my costume was "cute" enough to get a second chance at Maison and The Roosevelt Room Saturday night. All in all the weekend was a success and I'm already planning next year's costume purchase.

Clearly this girl needs to be invited to more costume parties!

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