Nov 28, 2011

Florence + the Machine - Take Care (live)

While on Fearnce Cotton and BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge Special, Florence + the Machine performed a cover of Toronto emcee, Drake's, Gil Scott Heron and Jamie xx (from The xx) sampled title track, "Take Care" featuring Rihanna.

I find it pretty impressive that within less than 2 weeks since the album's release someone has already performed a live recorded cover of one of my favourite tracks on the album, and that said "someone" is an artist as respected as Flo. First she commissions The Weeknd to remix her newest single "Shake it Out," and now she's covering Drake, it appears Florence is loving herself some Canadian talent!

As much as I love my ginger haired songstress I much prefer Rihanna and Drake's rendition, but I appreciate her take on the track. My only regret is this cover is a clear sign "Take Care" will probably end up being the next single to be released, thus saturating the radio stations and diminishing my appreciation for it. But until that day I will continue to play it on repeat...

1 comment:

  1. I figure it was going to be the next single. Ri Ri is pretty hot right now and with the release of her new album "Talk that Talk", she's all over.. I'm also inlove with "We Found Love"


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