Nov 14, 2011

Drake - Take Care

Tomorrow November 15th, Toronto emcee Drake drops his highly anticipated sophomore studio album, Take Care. What better way to celebrate that to share a couple of tracks off the album. After a good couple (thousand) listens, I will say there are no real "bangers" on it, which I'm rather surprised, but its a great album to just lay back and listen to, and that's not just coming from a girl who's been a Drake "superfan" lately, because I've been damn hard on him in the past, it really is a great album to zone out and listen to. It's on a Weeknd vibe to be honest, I wonder who's influencing who?

That last part is the exact reason this song is being shared, anything with 3 Stacks in it gets my stamp of approval.

This features a little Stevie Wonder harmonica, and has a couple of lines that speak to me, although it's definitely a track from the perspective of a douchebag, just saying. When a good thing goes bad, it's not the end of the world/It's just the end of a world, that you had with one girl.
Another track that speaks to me, literally, Drake says my name. Also it reminds me of someone I once knew who's clearly lost, and trying to change and numb themselves so desperately. It's sad.
The way you walk, that's me/The way you talk, that's me/Can't you see that I made it? Yeah I made it/First I made you who you are, then I made it/And you're wasted.../Yeah I'm the reason that you always getting faded/Take a shot for me.../Praying for your happiness, hope that you recover, uh/This is one I know you hated when you heard it/And it's worse because you know that I deserve it/Take a shot for me...

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  1. Great Post. So looking forward to giving the album a once through... Well who am I kidding, it will be on repeat on the iPod for quite some time....


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