Nov 2, 2011

ANTM - Pot Ledom Music

I'm sitting here watching my third episode of America's Next Top Model All Stars in 4 days, and I discover the girls challenge is to not only write and perform a song, but to also star in the own music video. Initially I'm reminded of the season Tyra herself was trying to launch a music career and used ANTM to cut back on paying back-up dancers, and how, well regrettable that venture was, and I could only wonder what she was trying to do with this present ANTM direction. Then she brings Compton rapper and former G-Unit member, the Game into the mix! Oh yeah this means business. So I'm watching a group of tall gangly girls wriggle and wry about on a set, trying to sing, as the Game attempts to give them direction and advice (since when was he the go-to guy for music videos or pop songs, or anything not related to beefing with... well everyone, thanks to "Uncle Otis"), realizing that some of these girls may try and take this challenge to the next level and try their hand at a music career.

And by the end of the episode I'm smacked in the face with the reality that they sort of already have one! The recorded songs are now available for download on iTunes! And while I thought some weren't bad, maybe even catchy, I can not imagine who would actually want to purchase these...

Oh yeah Pot Ledom, is Top Model backwards. Yeah, you read that correctly. Mind = blown.

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