Nov 30, 2011

Victoria's Secret: Alessandra Ambrosio

Those who were not in attendance for the November 9th Victoria's Secret fashion show were offered a glimpse into that Pandora's box, thanks to its airing on TV last night. One of the major stars of the show, besides the performers, which included Nicki Minaj, Maroon 5 and Jay-Z and Kanye West- who I saw live last week (!), was Victoria Secret supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio.

I will admit that Alessandra hasn't always been my favourite VS model (check out her finale partner in the first photo for my hint at who was), I found her too skinny to be a VS model...

But sometime between an interview I read with my favourite VS model and AA giving birth, my opinion and respect of her has rose... much like her arms in her best ballet pose.

Anyway, who carry that heavy addition and still look effortlessly elegant, needs all of our respect. Not to mention that she's had a baby!!! And looked like that within 3 weeks! Insane! Even more insane? I'm actually NOT jealous. Wow. Strut on Alessandra.

Nov 29, 2011

Movember: Nearing the End

As sad as all the gents rocking their creepy staches may be, Movember is nearing its end...And women across the nation are heaving a sigh of relief, because let's face it, all that facial hair may be for a great cause, but it's really hard to tell who's attractive and who's not, who's an actual creeper and who's just sacrificing their credibility for the sake of their sack. In the beginning I was actually looking forward to this month, since I often love a full beard, but in the past 29 days I have learned that I do NOT love a creeper-stache, and can not wait to hear the unanimous buzz this Thursday, December 1st, so I can start passing judgement again, accurately.

But enough about my gripes, here's the good stuff:

So far Movember has raised $70.9 million globally, $25.4 million of that has come from our home and native land, Canada. We have raised twice the amount of our Southern cousins, the United States, a country that is more than triple our size in population!! The runner up is the United Kingdom at an impressive $16.6 million.

I can't help but wonder if, besides our naturally giving nature, or knowing that prostate cancer will affect 1 in 7 Canadian men, this impressive Canadian outcome has anything to do with the loss of our beloved, stached Jack Layton who was diagnosed with prostate cancer before he passed.

For those who still want to donate, you've got time! Just visit the Movember Canada website.

Nov 28, 2011

Florence + the Machine - Take Care (live)

While on Fearnce Cotton and BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge Special, Florence + the Machine performed a cover of Toronto emcee, Drake's, Gil Scott Heron and Jamie xx (from The xx) sampled title track, "Take Care" featuring Rihanna.

I find it pretty impressive that within less than 2 weeks since the album's release someone has already performed a live recorded cover of one of my favourite tracks on the album, and that said "someone" is an artist as respected as Flo. First she commissions The Weeknd to remix her newest single "Shake it Out," and now she's covering Drake, it appears Florence is loving herself some Canadian talent!

As much as I love my ginger haired songstress I much prefer Rihanna and Drake's rendition, but I appreciate her take on the track. My only regret is this cover is a clear sign "Take Care" will probably end up being the next single to be released, thus saturating the radio stations and diminishing my appreciation for it. But until that day I will continue to play it on repeat...

Nov 25, 2011

The Weeknd - The Knowing (video)

Last night at 12:01 am, Abel Tesfaye, better known as The Weeknd released the new visuals to his track "The Knowing," via his Twitter account off of his debut and widely popular mixtape, House of Balloons. This futuristic Mikael Colombu (Cee-Lo Green, Bilal) directed video has a sexy, apocalyptic feel to it. I'm reminded of a couple films I've watched throughout my life, including 1982s Arthur Rankin Jr. directed animation The Last Unicorn, and 1985s Legend starring Tom Cruise; throw in Tron for a more futuristic-futuristic effect.

What do you think of the sci-fi themed video? Do you think the visuals match the song?

The Weeknd's third mixtape, Echoes of Silence is due to release before 2012.

Nov 24, 2011

Watch the Throne Live in TO

Tonight appears to be an important night in Toronto, as people are scrambling about the city (Internet) trying to sell and purchase tickets to this possibly once-in-lifetime event. Jay-Z and Kanye West have taken their Watch the Throne tour to the ACC and you can experience this musical enterprise ...... for a low cost of 300$?!?!?! Seriously, 300$ guys? Add another headliner and then I'll understand, it'll be like 100$ an artist, but I'm finding 300$ for 90 minutes of music a bit of a stretch especially in today's crumbled economy. Granted, yes I paid that for Madonna, but that was Madonna! I've loved her since I was 6!


I wrote that first paragraph yesterday, and for reasons I now understand, I was compelled to begin scrambling for my own ticket. Which I found, with a great section, seat, row, etc, which equaled an incredible view of Jay-Z as the duo performed on separate stages for "H.A.M." They stayed staggered between the arena for the first three songs, and came together as Jay-Z ran past me to get to the main stage for "Otis." I was already feeling incredibly grateful. Then the two performed more Watch the Throne tracks including the Swizz Beatz produced "Welcome to the Jungle" and then all hell broke lose and we received renditions of "Jesus Walks," "N*gga What, N*gga Who," "Izzo (H.O.V.A.)," "Flashing Lights," then we got a solo Kanye show! Kanye performed "All Falls Down" and "Diamonds are Forever." Jigga returned for more Watch the Throne Material, then he had his own solo moments, which at this moment I had decided that 300$ for a ticket was more than fair! They continued another round of Watch the Throne and 2 more solo sets, which included favourites like "Power," "Monster," "Made it in America," "New Day" where Jay-Z had a moment full of emotion as he spoke of his future child,
So at 13 we’ll have our first drink together

Black bar mitzvahs, mazel tov, mogul talk
Look a man dead in his eyes so he know you talk truth
When you speak it, give your word, keep it
And if the day comes I only see him on the weekend
I just pray we was in love on the night that we conceived him
Promise to never leave him even if his mama tweakin’
Cause my dad left me and I promise never repeat him

Jay-Z thanked the crowd "for that moment" and followed it up with "Hard Knock Life," and "Empire State of Mind."

Kanye had a moment of his own while performing "Runaway,"
Love ain't gonna be easy, especially in er'body in your business like Yeezy/
But please ladies stop checking emails, cuz God invented emails so we could get away with shit/
If you love somebody tonight, hold on real tight/
If I say I don't like the shoes that you're wearing, don't listen to me baby cuz I'm an asshole/
And if i said I didn't love you... I was lying.
You can only imagine who that was directed to. He followed the song up perfectly with "Heartless," which the crowd finished the last verse in unison and it brought the biggest, most genuine smile to Ye's face.

More classic material, "On to the Next One," "Dirt off your Shoulder," "I Just Wanna Love You," "Big Pimpin," "Touch the Sky," "All of the Lights," "Golddigger," "99 Problems" the list goes on. They ended the set with "N*ggas in Paris" and even returned with it for their encore performance. And the crowd wiled out! I worked up a sweat dancing my ass off for the 2 and half hour performance.

And I'm considering doing it again tonight! 

Nov 22, 2011

Toronto Blue Jays Unveil New Look

The Toronto Blue Jays are putting the "blue" back in Blue Jays, by reintroducing the appearance of blue in their uniforms, which we haven't seen for almost 10 years (for reasons Torontonians have been scratching their heads over for nearly a decade). Players will wear blue hats and shoes for all games next season, with their white uniforms at home, heather grey on the road, and their new royal blue jerseys will serve as alternates.

Not only were the players uniforms revised but so was the logo. The Jays turned to the original 1977 logo for inspiration, and came up with something I think all Canadians will wear proudly.

I know I've always preferred the old school logo to the more modern, overstated 3D "J" people have been sporting on the New Era caps since 2004.
Don't get me wrong, I thought it was an interesting turn, but it just seemed... forced. Like they were trying to hard to be cool, and let's face it, we're Torontonians, we don't need to try!
See?! We've had it right since 1977! So I'm excited to pick up a new retro-inspired Jays tee and wear it proudly. Not that I'll be retiring my old one of course; I've been squeezing myself into that one since 1986! Long live vintage!

Nov 21, 2011

2011 American Music Awards

Who caught last night's 2011 American Music Awards? The show was co-hosted by Pitbull and Nicki Minaj, who opened the show with David Guetta. I only watched half of it, but I didn't see much of Nicki after that besides her shuffling on stage to accept an award she had won, which I am more than thankful for. She sounded horrible except for where her voice was assisted (similar to Jennifer Lopez's performance, but let's face it, that woman CAN NOT sing), also her wardrobe choice annoyed my eyes and logic. If you can not walk without assistance, chances are you're wearing it wrong aka change shoes or devote yourself to them completely and have them surgically attached. Although inadvisable, staples might work.

The only two who were winning the fashion game of the quad above would be the bookends, who appeared to actually enjoy Nicki's performance as they sang along verbatim. But before you start question either girl's musical taste, it should be noted that Taylor Swift is apparently responsible for the production and success of Nicki's "Superbass." Sigh. Perhaps Nicki should remember to only credit the actual producers of her songs in her acceptance speech, and keep her gratitude for her friends and fans separate, but what do I know? I've never won an AMA.... Yet.

Nov 18, 2011

Ashton and Demi, No Moore

Yes, that was fully a cheesy and even unnecessary pun, yet at the same time, I don't feel a lot of sadness or regret or really much of anything when I heard about Demi Moore filing for divorce from her husband Ashton Kutcher, after he allegedly cheated on her with a 22 year old girl in a Hard Rock Hotel room in San Diego. Granted he pulled a douchebag move, as it was their 6th wedding anniversary, but isn't the fact that they weren't together that night the first sign that there were problems?! Truthfully, I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did. He was a 27 year old boy when they married, and she was 14-years older than he was with daughters who had crushes on him. I can't imagine what they had in common or how they connected, but kudos to them both for pulling it off for as long as they did, by Hollywood's standards, this was a relationship success!

I have more to say on the matter, and perhaps that's due to my own relationship misadventures and heartbreak, but I think I will save it all for another day. Be forewarned!

Nov 17, 2011

HBC Canadian Olympic Team Collection

After my boys Meka from 2DBZ and Lowkey from YouHeardThatNew... made their inaugural trip to Toronto for Manifesto, and had raided a Roots store after I introduced them to the Canadian fashion staple, my Canadian brand patriotism and appreciation has increased. Which is why I'm so excited for the release of the new Hudson’s Bay Company 2012 Canadian Olympic Team Collection, headed by Toronto native Adrian (TBG) as the design director for the entire collection, which was unveiled this past November 2nd.

The collection features iconic Canadian symbolism; the Maple Leaf can be spotted all throughout the collection, naturally along with colours consisting of Maple Leaf red, Northern white, along with traditional greys and black; it also features a lot of patchwork which Canadian travellers are known for sewing patches (usually consisting of our flag or Maple Leaf) over jackets and backpacks. Most notably this is found on the jean jacket (another Canadian staple, and part of the "Canadian Tuxedo"... sigh) which features many existing patches over the front panels and sleeves, but you know that some hardcore, explorers will personalize this piece with symbols of their own adventures.

Some of my favourite pieces are found below,

I can't put my finger on why, but I absolutely love this rather Adidas inspired knit jacket $80.00

Another piece I'm obsessed with, is this Letterman cardigan $59.99, I want it immediately! Paired with a simple white tee, and a pair of tights or skinny jeans, red chucks or black heels, two looks in one cardie, love it.

This knit sweater just looks so cozy and features high-quality lambswool and a beaver! Can't get more Canadian than that! $100.00

Or can you? This lumberjack inspired polyfill plaid flannel jacket, $125.00 makes me want to eat some peameal back covered in maple syrup.

And just in time for this bitterly cold winter that's regrettably fast approaching you can get your paws in a pair of Canada mittens, or wrap yourself in the toque scarf combo, which I need I fear I may need tomorrow morning!

The official Olympic wear is now on sale in all locations of The Bay, including Zellers, and online, at

Nov 15, 2011

Lykke Li Live in Toronto

Tonight this little firecracker is stepping outside to experience a little bit (pun) of Lykke Li live at the Sound Academy in Toronto! So for those of you in the GTA who want to get some, doors open at 8. See you there!

I'm good, I'm gone.

Nov 14, 2011

Drake - Take Care

Tomorrow November 15th, Toronto emcee Drake drops his highly anticipated sophomore studio album, Take Care. What better way to celebrate that to share a couple of tracks off the album. After a good couple (thousand) listens, I will say there are no real "bangers" on it, which I'm rather surprised, but its a great album to just lay back and listen to, and that's not just coming from a girl who's been a Drake "superfan" lately, because I've been damn hard on him in the past, it really is a great album to zone out and listen to. It's on a Weeknd vibe to be honest, I wonder who's influencing who?

That last part is the exact reason this song is being shared, anything with 3 Stacks in it gets my stamp of approval.

This features a little Stevie Wonder harmonica, and has a couple of lines that speak to me, although it's definitely a track from the perspective of a douchebag, just saying. When a good thing goes bad, it's not the end of the world/It's just the end of a world, that you had with one girl.
Another track that speaks to me, literally, Drake says my name. Also it reminds me of someone I once knew who's clearly lost, and trying to change and numb themselves so desperately. It's sad.
The way you walk, that's me/The way you talk, that's me/Can't you see that I made it? Yeah I made it/First I made you who you are, then I made it/And you're wasted.../Yeah I'm the reason that you always getting faded/Take a shot for me.../Praying for your happiness, hope that you recover, uh/This is one I know you hated when you heard it/And it's worse because you know that I deserve it/Take a shot for me...

Nov 8, 2011

Heavy D Dies at 44

Dwight Arrington Myers, one of the most influential rapper's of the 90s, better known as the leader of Heavy D & the Boyz passed away today after a 9-1-1 call had brought him to the hospital. It was later released that Heavy D had pneumonia, he was 44 years old.

It was all a dream/I used to read Word Up magazine/Salt'n'Pepa and Heavy D up in the limousine

Nov 7, 2011

Big Sean - Dance (A$$) ft. Nicki Minaj (video)

This always happens, when you find a new favourite song on an album it ends up becoming the next single, which I don't like (since it will be saturated with over play), but I can live with. What I don't understand is why you take a perfectly good song and add an unnecessary feature for the video, solely because they have buzz.

Don't get me wrong, I understand why Nicki Minaj was asked to be in a song with "ass" in the title, but then let's keep the feature at that... her colossal ass, why try to get her to do something I don't think she's even good at? Really, just make your cameo and shake that ass girl; nothing wrong with that.

Drake - Crew Love ft The Weeknd

Drake's back in TO which is a sign I should put down my glass of wine, turn off Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (TO represent!) which I've watched about 5 times in one month, and start getting ready and head over to TIME nightclub, as I can only imagine Drake will be there. But before he heads out he made a visit over at Flow 93.5 to rep our amazing city and debut a couple of new tracks off Take Care, including "Crew Love" featuring Abel Tesfaye, otherwise known as The Weeknd. November 15th can not come soon enough!

Nov 3, 2011

Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries Divorce

You read that correctly, this past Monday October 31st Kim Kardashian filed for divorce after 72 days of marriage to former New Jersey Nets power forward, Kris Humphries! To be honest with you, when I heard the rumours of their supposed marriage, I never thought they'd actually go through with it, since Kim seems to be "serious" about everyone she dates and who actually believes all those tabloid headlines? But hey look at them , they did it and even filmed the entire event for the E! Network. Their August 20th $10 million wedding reception in Montecito, California aired in about 50 countries and the pair even received 30 percent of the revenue from every commercial that aired, sounds like getting married pays off!

I find it ironic that a couple an make millions on their wedding and divorce a mere 72 days later in California, yet it's gay couples who threaten the sanctity of marriage? Really California? Really? A girl who became famous for having a giant ass and showing it off to the world, whilst doggy-style in a sex tape, can receive millions for laughably wearing white in what appears to be nothing but another ploy at more fame and notoriety. Kim cancelled appearance, claiming to be distraught, but I can not even come to believe her.

Kris, however, comes out like a pretty-faced victim, who seemed completely blindsided by the news, and was quoted as saying, "I'm committed to this marriage and everything this covenant represents. I love my wife and am devastated to learn she filed for divorce. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make it work." Sorry dude, you got used. But don't worry, you can use me and probably thousands of other woman to heal that broken pride, heart and ego. All you need to do is make a return to Toronto, you don't need to play on the Raptors again, although I wouldn't mind... Sorry, this isn't about me and my needs. I forgot, but I did I mention I'm not too far from the ACC. Call me.

Nov 2, 2011

ANTM - Pot Ledom Music

I'm sitting here watching my third episode of America's Next Top Model All Stars in 4 days, and I discover the girls challenge is to not only write and perform a song, but to also star in the own music video. Initially I'm reminded of the season Tyra herself was trying to launch a music career and used ANTM to cut back on paying back-up dancers, and how, well regrettable that venture was, and I could only wonder what she was trying to do with this present ANTM direction. Then she brings Compton rapper and former G-Unit member, the Game into the mix! Oh yeah this means business. So I'm watching a group of tall gangly girls wriggle and wry about on a set, trying to sing, as the Game attempts to give them direction and advice (since when was he the go-to guy for music videos or pop songs, or anything not related to beefing with... well everyone, thanks to "Uncle Otis"), realizing that some of these girls may try and take this challenge to the next level and try their hand at a music career.

And by the end of the episode I'm smacked in the face with the reality that they sort of already have one! The recorded songs are now available for download on iTunes! And while I thought some weren't bad, maybe even catchy, I can not imagine who would actually want to purchase these...

Oh yeah Pot Ledom, is Top Model backwards. Yeah, you read that correctly. Mind = blown.

Nov 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Alright alright, I'm a day late so Happy All Saints Day! Hope everyone had a safe and happy and fun Halloween, but most importantly I hope that everyone was in costume! I absolutely love Halloween and take advantage of any chance I get to play dress up. This year I was a Devil on the weekend and Little Red Riding Hood yesterday.

It's rare that I actually repeat a costume two nights in a row, as I said, any excuse to dress up and I'm taking full advantage by hoping into as many roles and outfits as I can, but this past Friday at Toronto's "superclub" the Guvernment's "Monster Mash" was a bit of a disappointment due to extenuating circumstances (which was unfortunate, since it really was a great party)and I thought my costume was "cute" enough to get a second chance at Maison and The Roosevelt Room Saturday night. All in all the weekend was a success and I'm already planning next year's costume purchase.

Clearly this girl needs to be invited to more costume parties!
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