Oct 25, 2011

Toronto Zombie Walk

This past Saturday October 22nd marked the 9th Annual Toronto Zombie Walk, which turned the streets of downtown TO into a scene out of a horror flick, they were still affected following day with blood spatters and a couple random body parts or loose skin flaps laying on the sidewalks. I even caught myself muttering, "Fucking Zombies" as I cautiously passed a bloody, dripping horde blocking my walkway. I felt like Emma Stone in Zombieland, which is a great movie for those who have yet to see it, take this Halloween as an opportunity to laugh and cringe; may as well follow it up with Shawn of the Dead too... and I think I just uncovered my Sunday night plans!

What are you going to dress up as? I'm debating between Snow White, Cleopatra, Little Red Riding Hood, the Devil... not quite as gruesome as the above, I just want to be a fairytale princess!

Photos courtesy of FunkyLizard

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