Oct 11, 2011

Red Bull Thre3style

This Thursday October 13th is the Red Bull Thre3style, where 8 local DJs battle each other for the title of "Best Party Rocker in Toronto." This formerly Canadian exclusive event went global last year, after 10 countries hosted the event. But let's face it, nobody does it better than the originals!

The rules of the Red Bull Thre3Style are simple, the DJs play a melange of three different genres or styles of music in 15 minutes. It doesn't matter what styles or genres they pick, they just need to make it sound good and get and keep us dancing! They are judged on skill, creativity, track selection and the most obvious, the crowd reaction.

This year the participating DJs are DJ Mensa, DJ D-Lux, Lucie Tic, Conor Cutz, DJ Crunch, M Kutz, DJ Makem, and DJ Fathom with a special performance by Skratch Bastid. Its taking place at the Guvernment Nightclub, get your tickets now and get ready to dance!

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