Oct 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Drake

I'm in a very Drake kind of place lately, and while I'm not sure exactly what that means or what kind of place that is, but I've been listening to the Toronto-born and raised singer/songwriter/emcee on unabashed repeat. So it's a little disappointing that his anticipated follow up album Take Care will no longer be available today, but the three week countdown begins! And yes, I'll fully celebrate the man's success on his birthday, by locating all of the songs he's been featured on and listening to them all day while I attempt to preserve my health.

First up, The Weeknd's "The Zone," then Jamie Foxx's "Fall for Your Type," then... who knows, the roster is my oyster! It's pretty safe to say I will be purchasing Take Care once November 15th rolls around.

Happy 25th Birthday Aubrey Drake Graham, hope my second home, Las Vegas, is treating you well!

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